494 Tooronga Road, Melbourne, Vic. 3123  (03) 9813 3303
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Wine Bar

Luscious Affairs Wine Bar

Luscious Affairs opens the doors every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night now to bring you their newest and most fabulous venture yet- the Luscious Wine Bar!

As day slips into night, Luscious transforms from café to wine bar, where you and friends can enjoy the wonderful tastes and drinks on the Luscious menu.

The cleverly crafted menu is prepared by Chef, Heath Boyd, and makes the perfect starter or dinner to kick off the end of the week.

Every taste bud will be satisfied with dishes such as spanner crab crêpes, fish/chicken/vegetarian tacos, the famous Luscious truffle shoe string fries, and a Luscious Affogato featured on the menu – most of which is gluten free.

Asher Spitz, Wine Bar Manager and Sommelier, has been hand-picked by Luscious to provide patrons with his extensive wine bar experience. Wines from around the world work in with the great menu.

Indulge and unwind at your new favourite local, the Luscious Wine Bar.

The Luscious Wine Bar, at 494 Tooronga Road, Hawthorn opens every Thursday, Friday from 5pm.

For group bookings, contact (03) 9813 3303


warm bites- sharing

Warm Spiced Olives, Smoked Almonds
Salted Cod Fritters, Herb Aioli (4 pieces)
Steamed Prawn Dumplings, Chili & Lime Dipping Sauce (4 pieces) (GF)

Medium plates- sharing

Chicken Liver Parfait, Port Wine Jelly, Red Onion Confit,
Handmade Lavosh & Char Grilled Breads
Gin, Gravlax, Dill, Horseradish Cream,
Spanish Onion, Pickles & Dark Rye
Chorizo, Tomato, Arroz Arancini & Herb Aioli (4 pieces) (GF)
Salmon, Dill, Ginger Croquettes & Herb Aioli (4 pieces)
Soup of the Day, Chargrilled Breads

GF Gluten Free
V Vegetarian Option

The main affair

Crêpe Spanner Crab, Lime Coriander Salad, Bean Shoots, Vietnamese
Mint & Water Chestnuts (GF)
Luscious Affairs Famous ‘Pie Of The Day’ & Truffle Fries
Romesco Prawns, Garlic, Almonds, Peppers & Smoked Chili
Soft Taco of either Crisp Fish / Chicken / Halloumi, Avocado, Tomato &
Corn Salsa & Chipotle Mayonnaise (V) (GF)
Miso, Dijon & Orange Baked Salmon on an Asian Style Salad (GF)
Baked Pork, Fennel & Chili Meatballs, Sugo & Ricotta
Luscious Winter Casserole of the Day, Steamed Rice


Truffle Shoe String Fries, Parsley & Parmesan (GF)
L 12.50 S 7.50
Steamed Broccolini, Smoked Chili, Garlic & Toasted Almonds (GF)


White Wine…

Riposte riesling
$11 | $50
Port Phillip sauvignon blanc
$12 | $58
Black Cottage pinot gris
$10 | $45
Fat Bastard chardonnay
$9.50 | $45
William Fèvre Petit chablis
$14.50 | $55
Monte Tondo soave
$12 | $50

Red Wine…

Tar & Roses shiraz
$11.50 | $55
Geoff Merrill Grenache shiraz mourvedre
$12 | $55
Georges Duboef beaujolais
$10 | $45
Rouler pinot noir
$14 | $60
Triennes rosé
$12 | $58

Sparkling Wine & Champagne…

Mumm champagne
$15 | $70
Louis Bouillot crémant de bourgogne
$13 | $55
Umberto Luigi prosecco
$12 | $50


Aperol Spritz $15.00

Espresso Martini $18.00

Melbourne Gin Company

Pure Scot ( Scotch Whisky)

666 Vodka from Tasmania

Beer & Cider…

Peroni Red
Kelly Brothers Sparkling Cider

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